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We created this page to work together on a unique summary containing all the mathematic formulas that we will need at the exam. Writing here, we will be sure that the formulas are correct and we will make much less effort than writing all of them on our own.

Check that the formula is not already written elsewhere, double check what you are writing.

To insert the formula click on the three rows button on the right and select "source editor". Write them in LaTex, between the code <math> and </math>. (see the the example in photo)

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 15.12.57

$ L(y)={y}''' +4{y}''+4{y} $

This is the page containing all the links to each topic (complex number, matrices, etc). Click on one of this topic and write the formulas!

If everybody contributes, we will make much less effort to study.

Please don't spam and don't insert cats gif like this:


Let's stay serious.

Work hard!

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